Limited Base Product Assessment Information

EU legislation for the requirement for safety assessments (CPRS's) on cosmetic products has been in existence for several years in it's current format and as a result we have been able to work closely with Cosmetic Safety Consultants, which is an independent company, to develop a Limited selection of Base Product Linked Safety Assessments to make complying with this legislation very affordable for those happy to have a restricted selection of base products, additions and packaging options to simply market under their own name/brand.

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Each report is designed around the use of a specific base product stocked by The Soap Kitchen to which the customer can add a pre-determined variety of essential oils and in some cases pigments and dyes, again from our own product range, to create a series of quality products which can then be packaged in their own name.
The theme for all of the final products is 'pure and natural', so specified base products are often organic having colours or fragrances only included where appropriate - with the emphasis on the use of a limited selection of essential oils.
Importantly, because these are pre-made bases Cosmetic Safety Consultants already hold stability and challenge testing data - making these packages extremely affordable.
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