Jeesperse CPW-2 Cold-Process Emulsifier

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A simple to use product for creating creams, lotions, body butters etc...

Amazingly Simple Product for creating creams, lotions, body butters etc..

So simple to use..... Just add cold water to this white powder (1% to 15% powder in deionised water) and stir to almost instantly make up a creamy base which has amazing suspension, emulsification and stability properties.

Add your oils, butters, waxes, emollients, to this COLD base (butters and waxes will need melting to mobilise), together with a suitable preservative to create your own premium quality lotions, creams, sunscreens etc..
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Extended InformationINCI: Polyethylene, Sodium Polyacrylate.

This product takes the form of a white powder which has exceptional absorbtion/emulsification properties.

Can be used at anything between 1% and 15% (recommended 5% to 10% as a hydrogel base for creams etc.) in deionised water (recommended).

Will take additional oils, butters, waxes at up to aprox 10% max (6% recommended) and can take essential oils and fragrances at what is the usual maximum advised 1%.

The final product will require preserving with a suitable preservative mix.

Make this product up completely cold. Add your additions when mobilised (waxes, butters, etc. require simply melting). Just stir together thoroughly and you have a wonderfully emolient, easily absorbed product which can be totally personalised, all prepared in minutes.

We really cannot over-emphasise the absolute simplicity that this product brings to the making of premium quality products.

Heat-sensitive additions are simply not a problem. We have extensively trialed this product in making up a large number of variations from lotions, creams, body butters, with virtually any additions you would wish to use.
MSDS (213.02 kB)
COA (152.38 kB)
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