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Instructions for making up products from concentrates


Simple instructions in how to use our various toiletry concentrates.
We currently have 3 types of concentrated bases which require the addition of water and in some cases common salt or salt solution to turn them into finished products. They are as follows:-

Foam Bath/Shower Gel concentrate (SLS/SLES-Free).

This base does not contain these surfactants and is therefore milder than other bases that do. It dilutes under normal conditions at a ratio of 2:1 (2 parts clean water to 1 part base). It has a recommended maximum 1% fragrance/essential oil (at final volume) and takes many water-soluble colours. Certain colours are not true in this base, in particular FCF Bright Blue and Carmoisine Red. These should be substituted for Patent Blue V and D&C Red 33.


Weigh out desired amount of concentrate into a suitable container or large bowl. Add fragrance or essential oil at this point, based on a final inclusion of 1% (aprox 3% in concentrate). Stir or gently whisk until the fragrance is fully combined. Whilst weighing the product in container, add clean water (distilled or purified if preferred), a little at a time, stirring continuously, but not too vigorously as to induce foaming, until the desired consistency is achieved. This will usually be approximately twice the weight of water to base, although certain fragrances and especially some essential oils may cause this to vary.
Finally, add water soluble colour in diluted form, stirring to fully combine. Cover and leave to stand until it becomes clear and bubble-free.
Bottle as required.
Hints: If you find a 2:1 dilution leaves the base still too thick, add more water. Adding a little less water can result in a gel-like consistency. Liquid Pearliser can be added if desired, typically 1-2% of final volume. Add before dilution for best results.
If you add too much water, you can 'rescue' the product by simply adding more base to reduce the dilution ratio again.
Warning: In occasional circumstances, certain essential oils (Geranium in particular) may render this base water-like and unuseable. Fragrance oils have a more consistent success rate when wanting florals. Do not add salt to this base.

Foam Bath/Shower Gel concentrate (standard)

This is a clear surfactant-based concentrate which gives exceptional clarity and dilutes at a ratio of 3:1 (3 parts clean water to 1 part base) and then thickens with the addition of a little common salt (in solution). It takes water soluble colours very well with no particular ones to avoid and fragrances/essential oils at max 1% in final volume.


Weigh out the desired amount of concentrate into a suitable container or large bowl. Add fragrance or essential oil/s at equivalent of 1% in final intended volume (4% in concentrate if diluting to maximum) and stir or gently whisk to fully incorporate. Whilst weighing the product in container add clean water (distilled/deionised or purified if preferred) at up to 3:1 dilution, stirring continuously but not too vigorously to avoid foaming. Add a little salt solution (common table salt dissolved 25% in water) at a time, stirring continuously, until desired consistency is achieved.
Finally add water soluble colour (in diluted form) as required. Leave to stand until clear and bubble-free.
Bottle as required.
Hints: Recommended dilution ratios for this product can vary to give 'economy' to 'luxury' variants. They are as follows... Luxury 2:1. Economy 4:1. Liquid Pearliser may be added, typically at 1-2% of final volume. Add before dilution for best results. If you add too much salt, this product may become cloudy. To rescue this, simply add more clean water until clear again, then add more base until dilution ratio is corrected and consistency is correct.

Liquid Castille Soap/Organic Bodywash/Liquid Hand Soap (Kays), Organic.

These products are all virtually identical in the way they perform and so the same instructions apply to them all.
bases are made with organic certified oils that gives good clarity and can be diluted at up to 2:1 (2 parts water to 1 part concentrate) if a full-strength product is not required. To thicken to a suitable viscosity for hand-pumping it should have a solution of 25% salt, preferably in deionised water added with the product warmed to aprox 30-35 degC, pouring the salt solution into the stirring vortex. Use typically 4% of salt solution to product volume (if undiluted), mixing continuously until thickened. It takes essential/fragrance oils at a recommended 0.5% (but our experience suggests 1% is a maximum) of final volume and takes most water soluble dyes very well. When diluted, the %age of salt solution required to thicken will need to be increased.
Instructions: (Although these are manufacturers instructions, our experience with these products suggests they can be thickened at room temperature, negating the need to heat them. Tap water can also be used instead of purified forms)
Weigh product into a suitable vessel for heating (can be gently heated on a hob in a thick-bottomed pan if you don't have alternative equipment). Add deionised or distilled water, if desired, at up to 2:1 (2 parts deionised water to 1 part product) stirring until completely combined. Warm the product to 30-35 degC before adding essential oil/s (if desired) adding them to a recommended typical 0.5% or maximum 1%, stirring thoroughly to ensure complete dispersion.
Meanwhile make up a warm solution consisting of 25% salt in deionised or distilled water (i.e.25g of salt dissolved in 75g of water).
Then... whilst stirring the product, add the salt solution to the stirring vortex a little at a time, stirring constantly until it starts to thicken. The thickening process takes a little time so be careful NOT to add too much salt solution as it cannot be removed. As a guide use no more than 4% of the salt solution by volume to reach a satisfactory viscosity, although the more dilute your product, the more salt solution will be required.
If adding colour, use suitable alkali-tolerant water soluble dye and add to finished product.
Hint... Keep stirring gently but constantly to avoid incorporating air bubbles, which are slow to rise out once the product is thickened.
Bottle as required.
Important. These bases do not contain any additional preservative. They rely on naturally high pH values and salt to act as a suitable preservative. In dilutions of over 1:1 it may be necessary to add a suitable additional preservative if this product is to undergo successful challenge-testing for safety assessment.
Note: If you want to maintain Organic Status for the final product in entirity you should use pure salt that does not contain caking agents. If you cannot obtain this in suitable form (fine granular, like table salt), you may have to use a coarse grade or even tablets of salt.
Bottles, jars and dispensers are available here.
IMPORTANT NOTE... Certain colours fade out in some toiletry bases. This is not a problem with the base, but with the choice of colour. If you experience problems with colours changing or fading we can offer advice about alternative suitable colours.