Instructions for Floating Candle Activity Pack


Your Pack should contain...
1Kg Soy Candle Wax
30 mini cup cake silicone moulds
30 pre-waxed wicks on sustainers (tealight size)
30ml Orange fragrance
30ml White Musk fragrance
30ml Vanilla fragrance
6 wax dye chips (3 different colours)
10 cellophane bags

How To...

Our main instruction page contains all the broad instructions for making moulded candles. To use those instructions for this activity pack you simply need to note the following adaptations...
Wax glue does not stick well to silicone moulds. Use the recommended method of dipping the sustainer end of your wick into the melted wax and then sticking the wick to the base of the mould to make these candles.
Tea-light-type wicks are short and do NOT require the use of a wick holder.
The wax dye chips may require cutting/crushing into smaller pieces depending how much colour you require.
Fragance is supplied in 30ml bottles which is sufficient to fully fragrance 333g (1/3 of the total pack content) of wax
These ingredients can be used in differing ways depending on the size of your group and facilities available, but they are designed so as the wax can be divided into 3 equal portions, melted separately and used to fill 10 cup cake moulds each.
Small candles such as these will cool quickly and will not necessarily require leaving overnight to fully cool before removing from the mould. Depending on your time available, they may be made and packaged in one activity period.

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