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Below is a selection of our most frequently asked questions with what we hope are the answers you need. If you don't find the answer to your question here, then you can:

Send it in by Email
We may then add it to this page!

Q: How will Brexit affect the products I make?

First of all, please be aware that Brexit is not an instant process but will take an estimated 2 years after the formal 'article 50' triggers the process and the timing of this is still not yet known. Until then the UK remains an EU member and we carry on as usual.

Another thing to remember is that even after we formally leave the EU, our businesses will still want to preserve their export markets so our products still have to meet EU legislation if they are to continue to be sold throughout the EU member states and as such, the need to have products safety assessed to EU standards will remain.

As the UK has a significant export market to many EU countries which is made easy by the current Free Trade arrangement it is likely that the UK Government will need to agressively negotiate to replace the current Free Trade arrangement with a Free Trade agreement which maintains the tariff-free trading we currently enjoy. Nothing is clear at this time but as we progress towards our final exit from the EU it will become clearer as to exactly how our exports to EU member states will continue post-Brexit.

In the meantime the current effects of the currency markets reducing the strength of the GB Pound against other major currencies, in particular the Euro and the U.S. Dollar has 2 major consequences.... 1) It's cheaper for our international customers to buy from us in the UK. 2) Our raw materials imported from throughout the world are likely to increase in price resulting in price rises for products produced in the UK from imported goods.

Q: I can't log in / it's not registering my Password?

Don't worry! We're always here to help when you need help with your account information. One thing to remember when logging in is that both the username and password are case sensitive, meaning that if you have capital letters in either or both of the fields then they'll need to be used when logging in, otherwise your details will be found as incorrect.

Another thing to do is to try clearing down your cookies and cache. This will give you a fresh experience on the website, clearing down all the old information stored by our stores cookies which could be affecting the log in. You can find information on how to do this on Internet Explorer here, on Mozilla Firefox here, and for Google Chrome here.

If this doesn't solve the issue then you can send an email to us at enquiries@thesoapkitchen.co.uk and one of our team will be in touch with you to help you further. They'll be able to resend you details, reset and create new passwords for you or even help make a new account for you to use on the website.

Q. I have question about soap making/using ingredients, or which colours to use, who do I ask?

We have an extremely talented creative team here at The Soap Kitchen, who are always willing to help out with your queries on soap making and processes when you need a hand! They'll be able to help you with worries about soaps, information about how to make something, use of oils etc., so don't hesistate to get in touch with them for some advice!

To get in touch with our creative team, you will need to email them at manufacture@thesoapkitchen.co.uk, and they'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you do try to call us to get in touch with them, unfortunately they are very busy in their workshop and won't be able to take your call straight away. If you do email, they'll be able to book a slot in their day and give you a call to help you out!

Q. Am I able to have an MSDS, CoA, Allergen Declaration or an IFRA from you for a product?

Of Course! Provided that you've purchased the requested product in question from The Soap Kitchen, we'll be able to send you all the documentation you need, as soon as we can. If we need to request information, you can usually expect a delay of a couple of days for this information. There is no cost involved with the supplying of information to you, and all records will be fully up-to date and ready for use.

You can find all of the technical information on our MSDS and Technical Information Page, and now more commonly you can find this information on the product pages themselves. If the information you need isn't on either of the pages, you can email enquiries@thesoapkitchen.co.uk to request the desired information.

However, if you haven't purchased any of the products from us which you're requesting an MSDS or safety document, then we won't be able to supply you with any copies of the requested documents. This is because the documents are unique to our products, rather than being a generic, all-encompassing document. One company's product could be rather different than another in the case of allergens for example, so for that reason we will not supply these documents to non-thesoapkitchen.com customers.

Q. How much will the delivery of my order be? Can I get express shipping?

The price of delivery is always an important part of any online order, and here at The Soap Kitchen this is no different. We strive to be able to give our customers the best rates we can for shipping.

We have a Dedicated Shipping Page, which will be able to give you as much information we can give to you straight away. It is always important to remember that the cost of the shipping will be based on the weight of the order, not on the value of the order. For our international customers who wish to enquire into the price of our shipping, you can email sales@thesoapkitchen.co.uk and they will be able to send you an estimate of what it will cost. However, they will need to know exactly what you want to order, and the quantities. Again, this is because the weight and size of the order will change the shipping cost.

Express delivery is available to all of our UK based customers, and this will ensure a guaranteed next day dispatch for your order on non-bespoke orders. However, to get this, all orders requiring express delivery will need to be placed before 12pm. We won't be able to ship any express deliveries after this cut off point, and instead will be dispatched the next day. We regretfully can't offer express shipping to our international customers.

Q. I'm a registered customer, why can't I see the discounted prices of the products?

As a registered customer/company, you're entitled to a small percentage off of most of the products on our website. In most cases the discount will be shown in the product's price in the basket, after you have added the products you wish to order to your cart. You will need to be logged in to see these discounts, as we have no way to tell if you're registered or if you're not logged into your account.

Q. My Basket and cart have disappeared! Can I retrieve it at all?

Unfortunately, we aren't always able to retrieve a basket which you've lost on our site. However, there could be a few reasons as to why this has happened, and there are a few ways to remedy or prevent this from happening to you again.

When putting together an order, and especially if it is going to be a large order, remember to save the basket. You can do this by clicking on "View Basket", and then clicking on the "Save Shopping List" Option. Doing this means you'll be able to retrieve the list at any time in the future, which would be especially helpful if you do a regular order with us, but you can only save 1 list at a time.

Another thing you can do whilst adding an order to your basket is making sure that you don't log out or log in after adding products to your cart. If you do, you could lose your basket's content as the site will identify you as a new customer. Also, a good tip is to stay on one tab during the shopping experience - opening another tab won't guarantee that you'll keep the basket or stay logged into your account.

Q. When will my order be shipped?

With shipping at The Soap Kitchen, we normally aim for a lead time of around 2 - 3 working days for dispatch, after which the order will be dispatched via your selected tracked service. If you need a faster delivery time, for an urgent order as an example, you can choose the Express delivery option for a next working day delivery, as long as the order was placed before the 12 noon cut off point. We are also now able to offer weekend deliveries to many UK destinations at a small extra cost.

At the top right hand corner of the website is information of the progress of order dispatch, letting you know what dates orders are being shipped. This will give you an approximate dispatch time if you've chosen standard or economy delivery.

Q. I want to start selling my soaps, how would I go about doing this? Do I need any Assessments?

When selling your products, you're going to want to make sure that you and your recipes are covered legally, so you'll need to get a Cosmetic Safety Report! Here at the Soap Kitchen, we offer a variety of different CPSR's which will cover your recipes and get you going on the road ahead. You can view the assessments we offer here.

Each standard CPSR costs £139 + VAT with some restricted less expensive options also available, and each will normally cover one base recipe (for example, a single melt and pour soap base, or, for bath bombs, it would cover the citric acid and bi-carb base ingredients) along with up to 6 variations, which include different colours, fragrances, botanical ingredients and essential oils amongst other possible additions. If you use ingredients which aren't supplied by The Soap Kitchen, thats absolutely fine but they will need to be from a reputable supplier and with an MSDS document from the supplying company. There can be additional costs for these depending on the amount of non-Soap Kitchen ingredients used in the recipes, but we'll let you know about this throughout the assessment process. These additional costs are normally around £15 + VAT per non-Soap Kitchen ingredient.

The Assessments will normally take around 4-6 weeks to be completed by our chemist, but they do sometimes arrive back sooner. It's always best keep regular communication with us regarding your assessments, so if there are any other fees, additions or changes which need to be made, we can get these agreed and completed quickly and get the assessment completed as soon as we can.

Please note that you won't be able to legally sell the products made from our kits and packs which we supply here at The Soap Kitchen, as these products aren't covered by a safety assessment - they're meant for home use as a hobby pack.

Q. I've just placed an order, but missed something out. Am I able to add items onto my order?

No problem! Our system has the capability to add items onto your order from our descktop, which will then go straight out to our warehouse team. The best way you can do this is by phoning on 01237 420872. You can email, but because of the volume of email we receive we can't promise we'd see the email straight away.

Once you've contacted us, we can take payment for the extra items either by taking your details over the phone, or we can send you an invoice. It's important to say that we can't ship the extra items until the payment has been confirmed as successful. If the added items are on an Express order, we will need to be contacted before 12 noon for these to be added.

Q. I'm not entirely satisfied with the product, am I able to return my/parts of my order?

We're sorry to hear you're not happy with your order. Of course, returning your order to us isn't a problem. All orders can be cancelled/returned to us within 14 days, and as long as the items are still in a good condition with original packaging, we will be able to give you a full refund including the outward shipping. However, we cannot refund you the cost of the return carriage to us unless the goods were sent to you in error. You will need to email our sales team at sales@thesoapkitchen.co.uk to request a returns form to begin the returns process.

We must remind you that if you receive either damaged goods or the wrong quantity, you must inform us of this with 7 days of arrival. If you do have a shortage, or damaged goods, we will ship the replacement or missing quantity to you Free Of Charge as fast as possible.

The only exception we have to the returns policy are bespoke goods - orders which have been tailored to you with special quantities, a non-stock item, or a bespoke mould for example. Because these are such unique orders, we can't offer reimbursement for them, and so no refund can be offered.

Q.How will shipping to an FPO/APO Address work?

If you would like to place an order to ship to an FPO/APO address, we do have to set a weight limit of 2kg (including packaging) per package. These parcels will be sent by Royal Mail.