Durosoft PG4-O (Durosoft SF)

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INCI Name: Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate

DUROSOFT® PG4-O is a W/O naturally derived polyglyceryl-4 ester emulsifier, which uses patent-pending technology to provide the widest HLB range for a greater stability profile..

Durosoft PG4-O is a natural emulsifier derived from sunflower oil, and is both PEG free and skin friendly. This emulsifier can be used cold process, no heating or cooling. Durosoft PG4-O is easy to use with no co-emulsifier and can create easy, stable water-thin emulsions.
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Extended InformationThe recommended usage quanity of this emulsifier is 5-15%, and can be added into the water and oil phase. It comes as an amber coloured viscous liquid, which works best both in an Water in Oil emulsions, as well as 100% oil formulations.

Durosoft PG4-O can also be used alone, without another co-emulsifier in your formulations.
MSDS (234.38 kB)
CoA - 162609 (38.39 kB)
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