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This vitamin is often referred to as Pro-Vitamin B5. In hair care it is a small enough molecule to penetrate the hair and can give long lasting moisturization. Makes hair shinier and softer and reduces static, conditioning hair without build-up and reduces damage from split ends.

Panthenol deeply hydrates the skin, helping to prevent the skin's moisture loss whilst improving skin's elasticity and softness, which helps to slow down and reduce the signs of aging.

Panthenol work well in skin care too and acts as a moisturizer by drawing water from deeper layers of the skin into the upper layers of the skin, helping with softness and elasticity.

More Information
Extended InformationUsage rate: 1-5% in skin care; Up to 1% in hair care and nail care.
pH: 8-9
Colour: White
Odour: None
Country of Origin: China
Origin: Synthetic
MSDS (236.64 kB)
TDS (80.41 kB)
CoA - 18122801 (72.51 kB)
CoA - 19020101 (61.74 kB)
CoA - 20070801 (146.97 kB)
CoA - 20072101 (74.38 kB)
CoA - A20091601 (76.44 kB)
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