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Some of the products offered for sale on our website can be used for a number of uses. It must be stressed that the purpose of our business is to offer a wide variety of products to enable the home user to make their own soaps and toiletries. Many widely available recipes (formulas) use some products which, for reasons beyond our control, are not considered suitable for inclusion in products that are offered for sale commercially. To take these products off our website would deny the home-user the opportunity to source some of their necessary ingredients from us, which goes against our ethos as a business.
It is the responsibility of you, the customer, to ensure that the ingredients you purchase are suitable for the use you intend. If the product is to be offered for sale, you should confirm that the recipe/formula is suitable for that purpose. If you are purchasing any products from our website that are not to be used in the production of home made soaps and toiletries it is your responsibility to ensure they are suitable for the purpose you intend to use them for.
The Soap Kitchen and any/all of its partners cannot be held responsible or liable for any problems whatsoever that occur as a result of the supply of any of our products that are subsequently found to be unsuitable for the use that the customer intended. We are also unqualified to hand out advice on the subject of which products may/may not be suitable for any individual purpose.