Denatured Ethanol B100 (Trade Specific Denatured Alcohol)

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Denatured Ethyl-Alcohol. A widely used solvent alcohol.This product may not be orderd on-line as a license is required before we can supply.

Denatured Ethanol is considered 'Dangerous Goods' (UN1170) for transportation and restrictions for shipping apply. Due to additional costs imposed for shipping of this product there is now a shipping supplement of £1.00 per order where it contains this substance. We are unable to ship this product internationally by air.
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Extended InformationDenatured Ethyl-Alcohol. A widely used solvent alcohol, used as a diluent in many alcohol-based perfumes etc. and especially useful to help in the layering of melt & pour soaps. Also widely used as a natural cleaning product.

This product may not be orderd on-line as a license is required before we can supply.

Caution... Highly Flammable.

THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES A USER AUTHORISATION FROM HMRC BEFORE WE CAN SUPPLY. For customers wishing to order this product who do not yet hold authorisation, an application can be made to HM Revenue & Customs (see our advice page under our Useful Information Section).
CoA - 3615066 (105.03 kB)
CoA (135.15 kB)
MSDS (664.69 kB)
CoA 3617016 (86.54 kB)
Orders may be placed with us via phone +44 (0)1237 420872, or Email and must be accompanied by a copy of your user Authorisation Letter. If this product is added to an existing order the shipping cost will be recalculated accordingly.
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