High Clarity Vanilla Stable (HCVS) 1 Kg

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This Stephenson 'Crystal' Soap base is ultra clear and vanilla stable, with up to 2% of most vanilla or vanillin containing fragrances.


This base is an ideal starting point for creating beautiful handmade soaps. Simply combine colour and fragrance to create unique, tailored soaps.

This soap base can be used for the manufacture of transparent soap bars, and the high glycerine content provides a pleasant moisturising effect on the skin. The darkening effect associated with adding vanilla based fragrances to melt and pour bases is reduced with this soap base.


Recipes & Information

CoA - 162373 (38.20 kB)
CoA - 161457 (35.05 kB)
CoA - 162136 (35.04 kB)
MSDS (46.86 kB)
Recipe Guide (728.95 kB)


Vegetable Based

High Clarity



Transparency Enables Bright Colours

Superior Colour Stability

Suitable for Slicing & Moulding

pH Measurement: 9.5-10.5

Melting point/range°C: 50-60

Boiling point/range°C: 100

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