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  • Cosmetic Safety Assessment Report. Body Oils and Butters. Compliant with 2013 EC Regulations Cosmetic Safety Assessment Report. Body Oils and Butters. Compliant with 2013 EC Regulations

Cosmetic Safety Assessment Report. Bath Products. Compliant with 2013 EC Regulations


Cosmetic Safety Assessment Report. Lip Balms. Compliant with 2013 EC Regulations

Cosmetic Safety Assessment Report. Body Oils and Butters. Compliant with 2013 EC Regulations

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For more information on safety assessments, please ensure you've read our blogs on 'How to Sell Your Products Legally', and 'How to get Started Selling Soap or Cosmetic Products?' before ordering.

Please Note: It is now a legal requirement in some EU countries to have a Toxicological Annex included as part of your CPSR, so to comply with these regulations we have now made it possible to add this to your purchase as an option below. Countries where this is required include Ireland, France, Germany and Slovenia.

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Excl. Tax: £150.00 Incl. Tax: £180.00

We have put together this package of cosmetic safety assessment reports in conjunction with a leading industry provider specifically for small-scale producers of products for full body use such as masssage oils and body butters. We offer the option to certify 1 base formulation for 1 product type and up to 6 different variations. Each base recipe can have up to 10 different ingredients including oils, butters, waxes and each variation can have a further 5 ingredients such as essential oils, colours, fragrance oils etc.PLEASE NOTE: If you are using more than 1 fragrance oil or a blend of essential and fragrance oil in a variation, a further fee of £15.00+VAT per fragrance oil will be incurred. There would be no fee for using a blend of essential oils together. Choose the package that meets your requirements and once we have received your order, we'll email a formulation form for you to enter your recipes and then return to us - we will double check these for you and get back to you if we have suggestions for any changes that need to be made. Don’t worry we’ll send a guide to completing the forms too.

If you don't currently have 6 different variations, you can use this package to certify what you already make, and then add to your reports at a later date as your business grows. Please note that there will be a small administration fee payable each time further variations are added (up to the maximum of 6) and so it is advisable to add several at a time. The base recipe must not change across each variation. As a guide, each variation can't be more than 10% of the recipe, and the base recipe must be at least 90% of your recipes.

The ingredients you use should be currently included on our master list of permitted ingredients (taking note of any restrictions that apply) - if you use ingredients which are not currently listed, please get in touch before ordering and we will advise. Clear and White bases of the same variety from the same manufacturer can count as 1 base.

The total fee for this package is £150 (excludes VAT) which works out as the equivalent of £25.00 per report. If you are resident in Germany or Slovenia, please contact us first as local regulations may vary. Please note: assessments can take around 6-8 weeks for completion, but will take longer if changes are needed to the recipe. Occasionally, there will be extra testing required, most commonly for example for water based or goats milk based recipes. 
ALL Soap Kitchen appropriate ingredients can be included in this package. Ingredients sourced from other suppliers can also be included. For your convenience, a list of permitted ingredients can be downloaded from the Guides and Documents Tab.

Once you have ordered, we'll send you across a formulation form for you to enter your recipes and then return to us - we will double check these for you and get back to you if we have suggestions for any changes that need to be made - there is no fee for this. All forms and supporting documents must be submitted within 28 days. If you are using a fragrance oil you will need to submit the IFRA Statement also (you can find more information regarding this in our Cosmetic Product Safety Report guide).If you are using any pre-made bases or products as part of your recipe you will need to submit the INCI bandings for the product. Without these the chemists cannot start the assessment and may delay the time taken to complete the assessment. 


Important Information Below...
It is YOUR responsibility to prepare a Product Information File containing copies of MSDS, allergen lists and other required information to keep record of at your place of business. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your product/s are always manufactured in a clean and safe environment. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your labelling is correctly executed, which should include the full ingredient listing in correct INCI terminology for each variation of your product/s, together with suitable batch coding and contact information to you as the manufacturer.

If you cancel your order after 28 days and/or we have already received your information and started work on preparing your CPSR we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of minimum 20%.

Within the EU, respective trading standards in most countries are now requesting further information in addition to the CPSR documents to ensure product safety when selling. We now thoroughly recommend for all customers outside of the UK who purchase a safety assessment to purchase a toxicological annex as well, as this will ensure there will be no obstacles for you in progressing with your business.

Please Note: Customers in France, Germany, Slovenia and Ireland will NEED to purchase a toxicological annex in addition to the report, as this is a legally required document for selling in these countries.

Because current EU legislation and the requirement for safety assessments (CPRS's) on cosmetic products has now been in existence for several years we have taken the opportunity to provide the following advice. We also provide various solutions to our customers' problems of having their own finished products properly and legally assessed so as they can be legally sold within the EU. We can provide our customers with various levels of assistance as follows...

1. Pre-assessed product, manufactured by us, which does not therefore require further safety assessment, nor does it require the customer to keep their own Product Information File, but product should be batch labelled with the batch codes we supply with the product for traceability.

2. Affordable, limited, safety assessment packages (CPSR's) compliant with 2013 legislation developed in conjunction with an experienced industry provider which allow the small business/crafter to produce their own finished products using various 'packages' at affordable prices using product sourced from The Soap Kitchen and other EU based stockists.

3. Bespoke assessments, challenge testing, technical advice and on-going product support. These services are handled either by ourselves or via our retained consultants.

For those of you reading this page for it's informational content about compliance with legislation, we have given below a basic summary of how to comply with legislation as it currently stands and what it requires you, as the manufacturer of your own products to be doing, in order to be able to legally sell your products within EU member states.

The manufacturer (you) should prepare a Product Information File (PIF) which should contain all information regarding manufacturing method, ingredients, MSDS for all ingredients, allergen information, labelling detail, batch records and traceability. This file should be kept available for viewing by anyone requesting so.

Batches... Each 'batch' of product should be issued with a batch number and have full ingredients and origin of ingredients record written and kept for scrutiny if required. Batch numbers should appear on any product labelling to ensure it can be accurately linked to the batch information for traceability purposes.

Labelling... all product labelling should comply with INCI legislation, which states that the INCI names for ingredients should be clear and legible either on the product itself, or where not appropriate, maybe because of size or where a product is offered unwrapped, should be clearly visible at the point of display or on any over-packaging such as outer boxes or wrap. Ingredients should use approved INCI names for each one. Ingredients should be listed in descending order of weight as they are included in the manufacture of the product and should use the INCI names for each ingredient used. Ingredients of 1% or less concentration can appear in any order at the end of the ingredients. For a guide to INCI terminology for common ingredients see the PDF link on the product page.

Natural Soaps... for a naturally saponified soap, which would have oils and lye in manufacture, but would then not have any significant amounts of either oils nor lye remaining in the final product, the 'soap' ingredients are listed in approved terminology relating to the finished substances. E.G. Soap made from Olive Oil and Lye would be listed as 'Sodium Olivate'. There is no need to refer to oils as their INCI names nor to Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), as it is not present in the finished soap.

Allergens (sensitisers)... certain allergens present in many essential oils and fragrance oils must be included in the INCI labelling in cases where they exceed 0.01% in rinse-off products (soaps, shampoos etc.) and in 0.001% in leave-on products (moisturising creams etc.).

Product labelling should also include a 'point of contact' address for the manufacturer (you).

As well as the PIF and Labelling issues, there is a legal requirement for the manufacturer (you) to hold a safety assessment (CPSR) for the products you are selling if selling within the EU. A CPSR should be carried out by a 'competent' person and in choosing this person or organisation you should ensure that they are experienced in all aspects of the products you intend to sell and that they are backed-up by their own Professional Indemnity Insurance, which will be your protection financially if there should be any litigation brought against you should anyone experience an adverse reaction to any of your products.
Once completed, your assessment is valid forever. It does not require annual renewal. (Subject to any future legislation changes introduced in the EU)

Under the 2013 Cosmetic Regulations, before you place the product on the UK or EU market, you should also upload details of the type of product you are supplying, together with your name, company and address details via the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). You are also advised to contact your local Trading Standards Office. Trading Standards can provide fuller information on the legislation and how to comply. Their services are FREE and their specific advice on labelling can be very useful.


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I wish the 10 % part of formula was 20% others no complain. Good price i think.
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Scrupulous work as it should be, excellent!
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extremely pleased with the services The Soap Kitchen have provided. lead times were met effortlessly and I found them extremely helpful if any queries, questions arose.
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Just what I needed. Simple and straight forward.
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Great product. I found it really helpful for ensuring my recipes were correctly formulated.
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