Cosmetic Bio-glitter® Pure Gold 094 Hex

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Larger flake gold coloured glitter pigment. Larger Glitters of 094 Hex (2.4mm) are suitable for body (not facial) art, as well as a mix of cosmetic and more general applications such as bath bombs.

Part of the Bioglitter Pure range this glitter is 100% plastic free, 100% aluminium free, 100% antimony free and naturally biodegradable. It is softer on skin than polyester glitter and can be used in all rinse off cosmetics and on lips, compliant with all worldwide microbead legislation. Bioglitter Pure utilises our latest coating technology with zero use of plastic and aluminium. As a result is compliant with all micro plastic legislation, including the strict UK microbead legislation and also compliant with FDA legislation.

Cosmetic Bioglitter is based on biodegradable film made from trees, primarily eucalyptus, environmentally sourced from responsibly managed plantations. Created from these raw materials as well as being absolutely free of genetically modified materials are what makes these glitters so amazing.

Cosmetic Bioglitter Pure is not edible

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100% plastic free

100% aluminium free

Naturally Biodegradable

100% antimony free

Softer on skin than polyester glitter

No GMO ingredients

Suitable for vegetarians and allergen free

Excellent formulation compatibility – bleed resistant and suitable for dry, water based, solvent based, oil based and surfactants.

Globally cosmetic compliant including EC regulation 1223/2009 and FDA Title 21 Cosmetic Regulations

Based on core film technology unique to Bioglitter

Specialised regenerated cellulose derived from renewable raw materials sourced to FSC standards

Certified to OK Compost Home and Marine biodegradable to ASTM D6691-09 in addition to Industrial Composing Standards EV13432 and ASTM D6400

Cosmetic Bioglitter Pure is not edible

CoA - 5912/2341 (89.45 kB)
CoA - 59432543 (136.20 kB)
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