Cold Process Saponification Table

  This chart shows exactly how much Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) you should use in order to saponify a specific fat or oil used for cold process soap making! It also demonstrates the advantages of each oil so you can create the perfect oil combination for your handmade soaps.

Oil/Fat (Acid) SAP Hard/ Soft Harsh? Fluffy Lather Stable Lather Skin Care
Avocado Oil 133.7 Soft 3 Yes - 5
Coconut Oil 191.1 Hard 5 Yes - 3
Castor Oil 128.6 Soft 3 Yes Yes 4
Olive Oil 135.3 Soft 4 - - 4
Cocoa Butter 196 Hard 5 - Yes 3
Macadamia Nut Oil 195 Soft 3 - Yes 4
Shea Butter 178 Hard 4 - Yes 3
Almond Oil 137.3 Soft 4 - Yes 5
Jojoba Oil 69.5 Soft 3 - Yes 4
Palm Oil 144 Hard 5 - Yes 3
Grape seed Oil 193 Soft 2 - Yes 4
Wheatgerm Oil 190 Hard 4 - Yes 3

  SAP – This column is the saponification value (SAP value), it shows how many milligrams of lye (sodium hydroxide) are needed to saponify exactly 1 gram (1000 milligrams) of the fat or oil in question. Hard/Soft – This is to show whether the oil will produce a hard or soft bar. If the bar is too soft your soap will dissolve prematurely, too hard the soap will not lather. Be sure to mix a hard and soft oil to create a balanced soap bar. Harshness – This column shows how well the oils clean. Bear in mind all soaps are good cleansers; some are harsher than others to the skin. 5 = Harshest, 3 = Average. Fluffy Lather – This column specifies whether the oil produces a fluffy and bubbly lather. If the oil creates a fluffy lather be warned it also washes away much easier. Stable Lather – A stable lather has much less substance then a fluffy lather, but is more difficult to wash away. The key is to combine the correct oils to find a suitable lather balance. Skin Care – This shows how beneficial the soap is to the skin. This takes into consideration the abundance of anti-oxidants in the oil, the availability of vitamins and the moisturising properties. 3 = Moderate benefits to the skin, 5 = Very beneficial to the skin.

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