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Cocos nucifera
A hardened form of coconut oil, officially classified as a wax with a melt point higher than simple coconut oil. It is ideal as an ingredient in the manufacture of natural bar soaps and is fully approved for cosmetic use so it can be used in any cosmetic product.
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Extended InformationCoconut Wax in Candle Making
Maximum Recommended Fragrance Addition: There is no available data regarding maximum fragrance additions in 100% Coconut Wax, but blends that contain majority Coconut Wax work well at around 5-6%. It may take more, but due to the low melt point of Coconut Wax the concern is that, if not blended with significant amounts of a harder wax it could become very soft.

Pour Temperature: We find generally that pouring candle waxes as close to the melting point as possible gives best results, so if you apply this methodology to Coconut wax, 30-35°C should be about right. We would advise that (unless you specifically want a very soft candle) the coconut wax is blended with a higher melt, harder wax to avoid problems of too-soft-a consistency, especially when working in warmer climates or in spring/summer months.
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