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Christmas Soap Making and Toiletries

  • These bases and concentrates offer a fantastic backbone to any planned Christmas toiletries you'd like to make. Free from Parabens and MIT, you can make a ready to go product straight from purchase by just adding a small percentage of fragrance or essential oils.

    Coloured clays and liquid colours can all be used to make your toiletries look even more Christmas themed!

  • Melt and Pour bases for your Christmas soap ideas.

    The bases come in many varieties as well as a selection of ingredients that can be used to make your own Melt and Pour Soap. 

  • With cosmetics and soap making, there are a whole range of different colours available that you can use to colours your Christmas creations.

    From mineral pigments all the way up to coated micas for bath bombs, the variety available is perfect for colouring your entire range of Christmas makes. 

  • Dried botanicals are a great way to decorate your Christmas soaps, giving them a great natural finishing touch or to add a luxury feel to your products.

    Along with adding decoration, many of our botanical powders can be used to give a natural colour to some soaps, and can also add cleansing and softening qualities to whatever they're in.

    These can be used in all sorts of products, from soaps and bath bombs all the way through to potpourri.

  • All the basic ingredients needed to make your own Christmas bath bombs, Christmas bath salts and other dry toiletries you may have in mind for gifts or products.

  • Find the tools here to help you with your Christmas soaps and cosmetic making.

    From measuring jugs and goggles, to wooden moulds for soap making, find what you need here to ensure they are successful.

  • Products to add texture to you Christmas toiletries and soaps. 

  • Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide and Potassium Carbonate. Essential functional ingredients in natural soap making in one place for your Christmas projects

  • Minerals and clays widely aimed at making mineral makeup etc. If your looking for a festive spin on your creation, try to add some of these!

    Many richly coloured clays can also be used to add colour to a wide variety of products such as soaps and toiletries but as they are not registered as pigments the resulting products are able to be labelled as being 'Colour-Free'.

  • Make your Christmas makes even more interesting by including natural sponges and loofahs.

Christmas Soap Making and Toiletries

Christmas Soap Making and Toiletries

Here you can find all the key ingredients to make your soaps in time for Christmas.

From fabulous colours to dove shaped moulds, you will have Christmas themed soaps in no time! 

Here at The Soap Kitchen, we understand how important Christmas is, so we have put everything you need in one place.