Liquid Soap 101C, Certified by COSMOS

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A wonderful Stephenson Liquid Soap base, made with organic ingredients and certified to the COSMOS standard. 

A wonderful Stephenson Liquid Soap Base, made with organic ingredients, 33.8% Organic CPAI, 43.02% CPAI and certified to the COSMOS standard.


This Natural liquid coconut and olive soap base, known as 101C, is used for making up liquid soaps. This base is completely palm free, and the glycerin in the base is derived from the coconut oil when the soap base is made. Liquid Soap 101C allows you to efficiently and cost effectively manufacture a range of cleansing products including Hand Washes, Hand Foamers, Foam Baths, Cleaning Products and much more.

Recipes & Information

  • Rules & Regulations for Legally Selling Products
  • When adding an essential oil or fragrance, and when adding a colour, add these ingredients before any thickening takes place. A solubiser may also be required to prevent the fragrance dropping out of the finished product.
  • When using this base, It is recommended by the manufacturer to add a Chelating Agent especially when diluting. A preservative is not required when undiluted, but if you do dilute the base you MUST add a suitable preservative.
MSDS (96.30 kB)
CoA - 332351 (205.27 kB)
CoA - 328150 (139.95 kB)
CoA - 161394 (38.75 kB)

Hand Wash

Body Wash

Surface Cleanser

Low Odour

Works Well With Essential Oils

Option To Thicken With Modifiers

pH Measurement: 9.5-10.8

Appearance: Amber/Clear Yellow Liquid

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