Castor Oil, Sulfonated, Turkey Red Oil

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Sulfated Ricinus Communis
Unsaponifiable oil used in some soapmaking recipes as an enrichment. Viscous reddish-brown oil. Not suitable as a main soap-making oil, being unsaponifiable. Has additional uses in dying leather and certain fabrics. Also used in formulating lubricants and softeners. It is the only oil that will completely disperse in water. Sulfated castor oil is created by adding sulfuric acid to castor oil, and is considered the first synthetic detergent. Turkey Red Oil as it is known, has a distinct and heavy scent. It is a surfactant and therefore makes a wonderful base for a bath oil as it mixes well with water, producing a milk bath.
MSDS (394.35 kB)
CoA - KMO7207 (165.22 kB)
CoA - KMO3092 (119.11 kB)
CoA - KMO4615 (119.12 kB)
CoA - KMO764 (172.65 kB)
CoA - KMO4327 (171.65 kB)
CoA - KMO8026 (174.14 kB)
CoA - KMO5478 (119.18 kB)
CoA - KMO5518 (119.18 kB)
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