Calendula Oil, Extract in Carrier

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Calendula officinalis

Known for its skincare properties, calendula is regenerative and anti-inflamatory. Good for treating damaged and chapped skin. It is considered to be an excellent remedy for all kinds of skin damage, such as wounds, scars, burns, scalds, abrasions, infections, various inflammations and other injuries. The powerful action of Calendula oil lies in improving the blood flow to the inflicted area and in further tissue regeneration. This product is in a 1:4 ratio in Sunflower Oil.

If choosing to use this product as an 'active ingredient' the recommended inclusion level is between 0.5% and 5%.
CoA - KMO5389 (120.48 kB)
CoA - KMO6102 (87.44 kB)
CoA - KMO7810 (87.21 kB)
CoA - KMO877 (182.67 kB)
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