Black Pepper Essential Oil

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Piper Nigrum. Origin: India
Black pepper essential oil is steam-distilled from the berries of the Piperceae. Although black pepper itself is frequently used, the oil is not so widely known. However, it's an oil high in monoterpenes, a chemical constituent know to have a powerful impact on the body in many ways.

The aroma of black pepper is spicy, musky, warm, and 'peppery'.

MSDS (496.42 kB)
Allergen Declaration (262.55 kB)
IFRA (486.30 kB)
CoA - 0006455 (131.67 kB)
CoA - 0005292 (133.03 kB)
CoA - 0004420 (135.79 kB)
CoA - 0004134 (133.58 kB)
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