How to make soap with the melt and pour method.

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Step One

Step 1: Melt your soap base

Melt your soap base using either a microwave for small quantities, or a slow cooker/hob for larger amounts. We would recommend cutting the base into small chunks and heat until melting point, do not overheat your soap base, keep below 70° C. If you are adding butters to your soap base, be sure to also melt them. We would recommend using a microwave and keep below 60° C.

Step 2: Prepare your additives

We recommend for every 1KG of soap base, use up to 15ml of fragrance, up to 15ml of oil or molten butter. Too much of these ingredients can adversely affect the transparency of the soap bar.

Step 3: Prepare your colourants

Remember to use water based colours for clear soap bases, and pigments for opaque soap bases. Uses up to 10ml of the appropriate colourant per 1KG of soap base, don’t be tempted to add too much colourant because it can cause the lather to be over coloured and can look unappealing.

Step 4: Get Mixing!

Add your desired fragrances, colourants, oils/butters, exfoliantes and decorative glitters. Once you have added all the ingredients stir thoroughly, make sure all the ingredients are mixed evenly. At any point throughout the process a skin begins to form on top of the soap, this is the soap setting; you can re-heat and continue the process at any time.

Step 5: Pouring

Once you are happy with your soap mix, pour carefully into your desired soap mould and wait for your soaps to set. To speed up the process, place the moulds in the fridge until fully set. 

The Finished Result

Congratulations! You have now finished making your very own soap bar!

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