Apricot Mica Pigment (ci77019, ci77891, ci77492, ci77742, ci77861)

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Mica based Yellowy-Orange pigment.
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Extended InformationMica based orange pigment, suitable for mineral make up and for adding colour with a fine glittery sheen to soaps, balms and suspending bases. This is not a pearliser. It is a heavier product and like glitters, will settle-out in most liquids. Suitable for Cold Process soaps.
MSDS (129.39 kB)
TDS (107.52 kB)
CoA - 18551 (224.54 kB)
CoA - 18551 (155.90 kB)
The strength of colour obtained from any dye or pigment is dependent upon the concentration used. Using concentrated dyes or pigments may result in deep colour that can bleed from the product in use and/or discolour surfaces. We suggest that all dyes and pigments are used sparingly, further diluted where necessary, and chosen so as they are appropriate for the use they're being put to. The Soap Kitchen cannot accept any responsibility for any unexpected consequences as a result of the use of any of our dyes or pigments. It is the customer's responsibility to check that any dye or pigment is suitable for the use that they intend it for and test the dye or pigment for suitability.
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