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Mineral and Organic Pigments

About Pigments

Almost without exception, Mineral and Organic pigments have high tolerance to alkali or acid conditions (see individual descriptions for exceptions) and the colour they appear to be in powder form is the same colour they lend to the products they are added to.

Mineral pigments especially have large particle size and add colour by dispersing rather than solubising. Generally speaking Mineral pigments are ideal for colouring CP soap, dry toiletries such as bath bombs and many forms of make-up. They are less suitable in liquid products as their large particle size means they sink-out of suspension and they also detract from clarity.

Organic pigments in their powderd form are insoluble in water, so are more limited in their use. They disperse in oils or some forms of solvents and add colour by 'coating' the molecules of the products they are added to, so they should NOT be used in dry toiletries such as bath bombs, nor should they be used in products applied directly to the skin unless used very sparingly, as they can cause staining. Organic pigments are very alkali tolerant and can be used successfully in CP soaps. We also have liquid dispersions of these organic pigments shown in a separate section of our catalog.

Important: The term Organic in this context is only to distinguish from Mineral. It does NOT refer to pigments being certified organic by any organisation such as COSMOS.

Pigments will not 'bleed' in melt and pour soaps.

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