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As well as the feedback we receive via Facebook and Twitter we are fortunate enough to regularly receive email from our satisfied customers. All the comments below are taken from individual emails we have genuinely received from some of our many satisfied customers.
Our staff are always pleased to hear from you when we've met or exceeded your expectations.

Hi again

just wanted to let you know parcels just arrived!

Well done for the very efficient service!


I would love to reach out and let you know that a member of your team has really blown me away with how helpful she's been. Beth has been really helpful this morning in dealing with a shipping query and has gone above and beyond my expectations in resolving my enquiry.

All the best


as a relatively new customer just thought I would say thanks for the overall great service. We are a social enterprise working in a tough part of Merseyside and just starting up the toiletries side of our enterprise which as you may guess is mainly to do with food.

The staff have always been great, helpful and patient. Deliveries always on time and packing fantastic.

I can imagine people being quick to complain when things go wrong so just thought I would say good job, nothing going wrong. Great company, great range and fantastic staff. Thanks your doing it 'so right'

Kind regards and best wishes

Pete and Jackie
Hi All,

Thank you so much for getting this out so quickly, you are amazing.

Best wishes

Hi Soap Kitchen,

Shipment received today dead on time stipulated. Thank you for all the extra efforts you all went to, it is much appreciated. Also, could you please pass on our thanks to your courier company, which unlike some I could name, actually phone/ buzz to get the parcel to me, rather than just drop a card off.

Yours faithfully,

Hi all

There is some useful information on certification to be found here. The Soap Kitchen is

also a quick-to-deliver, reliable and reasonably priced (based on my

comparisons anyway) supplier for all sorts of goodies.

I hope you didn't mind my plug for the Soap Kitchen, but so far they've

done themselves proud in all my dealings with them.

...and the service is phenomenal, goods received this morning.

Thank You.
Thanks for the speedy reply.

You're a godsend!
Hi Richard,

thank you so much for the samples which arrived in the post today, and

also for the mandarin oil which arrived last week. Hope everything's going

well with you at his time of year! I'm still at the experimenting stage. I

used your neem oil shampoo bar this morning - it works really well. I'm

grateful for all the samples - it helps me get an idea about the different

scents. The paper's lovely too.

Dear Richard,

thank you for replying so quickly to my enquiry
HI this is a very good web site and when I phoned your head office the

other day a nice person called Richard was very helpful to a 'green' soap

maker so now I will soon be a soapy thanks again

Hi There,

Just to say that I love your site and products.

My daughter and I make herbal products (and soaps from now on)

on a small scale and are always looking for good suppliers.

Up until now I have been buying stock from up to 6 different

suppliers, both here and in the USA.

I am always being told that, no, sorry, you can't get that, etc etc.

Guess what?

You have it all on your site, and, what's even better, it's really well


More orders will follow I assure you.

Best wishes,



Your reply was clear, comprehensive and encouraging!
Very good site - I love the recipes
Just had to tell you I LOVE the colors you have used for your shop!
A part from being a very useful site it is also friendly and welcoming.
Thank You very much for your lovely site.

I've found it difficult to obtain some of the products you offer in such

economically sound amounts.

Thanks, I was very pleased with my purchase, fast delivery and even

though I didn't buy any smellies what a gorg smell when I opened my

parcel !!

Highly recommended.

love your site hope to do business soon.
I received a couple of your handmade soaps in a Christmas Parcel from a friend in Devon. They are lovely!! Thought I'd check out the website.



South Australia
Hi, I would like to wish you and your staff a very Merry Christmas and a

Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year.

Thank you for your very friendly service

D Brace
Thank you for your help and replying so promptly, can i say that your web

site is one of the nicest and easiest I have ever come across.
Dear Richard,

Thank you very much for your very helpful & thorough answer.


I received the order this morning that was placed with you on Friday evening. By my calculation this is one working day turn-around. AMAZINGLY

Excellent service! I am also impressed by the shipping charge for this product which was more or less equal to the actual postage - so many

companies nowadays are greedy and charge exorbitant amounts for carriage in order to boost their profit. Your company is obviously a welcome

exception to this.

Many thanks, much appreciated.

T Goadby (Mr)
Just to say thank you for the very quick delivery of these bottles.

They are a very good price & an excellent service, I will definitely buy from

you again when I need more bottles.

I have also passed you details on to someone else who was also looking

for the same thing.

Thanks again

Richard - an enormous THANK YOU!

I cannot BELIEVE how helpful you are! Thank you very much indeed.

All the best

You are a star !!

Thanks & will make a point of recommending you and your company to anyone who

wants excellent service and nice, helpful people to deal with !!

Hi There

Just to say thank you for the prompt refund confirmation received today, you are a company with whom I can deal in confidence.

Excellent service

I must say your customer service is second to none (and you have my permission to bung that comment on your website!); here, as requested, is my shipping address:
This is well over due, as I attended a soap making coarse in February. I found the day so enjoyable and enlightening. Richard is full of information

about soap e.t.c. and is willing to share this with anyone who enquires.

"Thank goodness for people Like them".

Just to say thank you for the samples received this morning - they are


I would like to say that I am thrilled with your customer service - it's

second to none, I have not found another company who cares about its

customers like you do in the 4 years that I have been in business.

I am now a regular customer of the Soap Kitchen and shall spead the


Please feel free to put this on your website, you deserve the praise!!

Many thanks!!

I just wanted to add a compliment to your comments page. I am just starting out in business making bath salts, salt scrubs, soap scrub bars and bath melts. I have ordered twice from your website now and am very impressed with your range of products, pricing, friendly customer service and comprehensive & informative website. Your recipe pages have been very useful and given me inspiration to try different ingredients. My handmade products have been recieved really well so far. I will continue to use you as my main supplier without hesitation. Keep doing what you're doing.

Many thanks to you.

Anna Brown

Natures Instinct
Many thanks.

Will try them out!

PS: Love your website: v. inspiring!!!


I know I'm late, but apart from wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I would like to say a big thanks for getting my items to me sooooo quickly.

I know you were under pressure and yet you still managed to see to my order, which left me loads of time to make the products up.

I will not forget! and would recommend you

Thank you for your quick response, your customer service has been excellent and I have no problems with your company. I would like to continue with this great working relationship as my business is starting to get busy and will be ordering quite a lot from you.

Kind regards

Thanks! Great info on your site. impressive!
Impeccable service as always, fantastic products!
Firstly let me congratulate you all on the superb website, its soooooo easssy to follow and find what you need. I usually get so annoyed with sites that I go somewhere else but not with yours.

I would like to add that I find your website absolutely brilliant, a mine of information!

I have tried one of the recipes & can't wait to try out many more!!

Thankyou for everything.

Hello just wanted to tell you what a great website. Easy, no fuss, great products. Everything you need in one place. Really enjoyed looking through everthing. I will be looking forward to ordering with you. All the best... Stephanie
Thankyou very much for replying to my email. Your explanation has put my mind at rest and I do not recall this information in any of the books I have read, maybe I am reading the wrong books! Your website is very informative and helpful and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Hi to everyone at the soap kitchen.

I've been looking for a better soap making supplier and I now think I've found it! Your prices are great, your appearance is great and I hope I build a strong relationship with you!

We have received our order today! Thank you! We really can use this fast delivery...

Kindest wishes,

Thanks very much for the order. Your service is without a doubt second to none. Hope you all have a profitable season and a restful Christmas when it finally comes.

Thanks for all your help

all the best

Just a quick note to say thank you for responding to my query so quickly.

Your email made things a lot clearer for me, you've been a great help.

Thanks again for your assistance, and for providing at The Soap Kitchen, an invaluable and much appreciated service.


Thank you so much for my order, I received it yesterday. You're a brilliant company, ethical, good prices, excellent communication - and I hope to do lots

of business with you in the future!

Many thanks,

Oh great! Thanks so much for your help, you give great service!

Many thanks for the beautifully wrapped package which arrived yesterday, hidden neatly in my 'outside' door cupboard. I was delighted with the service and, of course, the contents!

Many thanks. Excellent.

Thank you so much for sorting out the courier problem & getting my order to me so quickly afterwards! Your customer service is second to none, Thanks again, Carla
What a great site, once again thanks for a good shopping experience, I like the paypal payment system, I wish more online sites would take it up as I hate putting my credit card details over the net.

I'll be back soon for more materials

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for your excellent customer care service and swift delivery. Keep up the good work!

Just a big thank you for both my recent orders, great range of products and service.

Good morning,

I am emailing to thank you for the fantastic service you have provided sending my express parcels. They both arrived this morning before 9.00am.

Thanks again

I've never come across such efficiency and excellent customer service??? can't be human!!!!
My first order arrived today - really quick and very good service.

Thanks from a satisfied customer.

Happy with Soapkitchen since years, always keen to help with challenges, always kind so and A+ in service and always recommand the company to other soapcompanies. Thank u Richard
Hello,Just a quick message to thank you about the excellent items!I will shop again very soon!

Kind regards

Excellent service! received product less than 24 hours after ordering. Thankyou, look forward to doing so much more business with you now.

Just wanted to say how impressed I was with your service and speed of delivery - all arrived just 2 working days after I ordered and was spot on - I took a risk ordering for school supplies from an unknownn company and it paid off - thank you, will definitely be back and recommend you to others

Just to say what a service!!!! It just arrived - HUGE thanks xxxxxx


thanks for your kind & professional service.

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. I recently ordered new supplies using the Express Delivery option. I knew the day the order would arrive but I wasn't expecting an email telling what HOUR it would turn up. If only all companies operated like this.

I'm simply delighted to have found the Soap Kitchen. As a really comprehensive supplier of all things "soap", they are fantastic. However they really come into their own when you need their knowledge and expertise. They really know their stuff, and if they don't know they'll find out! I'm frequently impressed by all their staff and their customer service. Nothing is too much trouble, and when they make a promise, they follow it through! A friendly, helpful and just all-round lovely company to deal with. Thank you.

Sue West.
Hello All,

Just a note to thank you for your wonderful service - It seemed, no sooner than I had placed our order than it was with us - Thank you!

Kind regards, and all the best for 2012

Hi Soap Kitchen

Using your Organic products on my skin and hair has eliminated the itchy red patches and flaky scalp I had suffered from for many years and your service and customer care is excellent.

Thanks so much for the email confirmation. Just to let you know that the delivery came just an hour ago. So lovely to get it all so very quickly and such top notch customer service too.

Kindest regards


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