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Moisturising Cream (using Durosoft Emulsifier)


We keep a selection of popular flavours specifically for use in products such as lip balms, where the product is required to have a taste rather than an aroma. The words Flavour and Fragrance are often used interchangeably, but being specific, a flavour is used where a taste is required and a fragrance is used where an aroma is required and these are very different uses which are regulated differently.

Important to note is that our flavours are Cosmetic Grade and NOT Food Grade. The difference is that they are not designed for regular internal consumption, only to add flavour to such products as those made for use on the lips and as such are made to that specific standard as regulated and as guided by IFRA. Unless otherwise stated, under IFRA guidelines at the time of manufactuer, our flavours are designed to have an inclusion level up to 5%. This is because the small coating of a lip product can often have a disappointing flavour when a lesser inclusion level is applied. Where a lesser inclusion level is specified, this is because of an ingredient within that flavour having a restriction which reduces the maximum inclusion level.

Also important to note, that flavours may well not smell of the product they taste of, which is another important difference between a flavour and a fragrance. A cosmetic flavour is not, therefore, to be confused with a lip-safe fragrance, as many will not smell as you might expect.

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