3 in 1 Body Wash

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Ready-made 3 in 1 Bodywash designed to create a number of innovative and unique finished products in a few simple steps. This product only requires the addition of fragrance and additives to create one of three products: Bubble Bath, Handwash or Shower Gel

Product Characteristics:

- For the creation of a Bubble Bath, Handwash or Shower Gel
- Pre-preserved and pre-thickened for ease of processing
- Fantastic foam and lathering levels
- Neutral odour provides excellent fragrance lift
- Transparent liquid, easily coloured
- Naturally clear
- Suitable for all skin types

CoA - 161747 (34.68 kB)
CoA - 160725 (35.09 kB)
MSDS (477.81 kB)
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